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Vinarstvi pod Radobylem was established in 2012 with a goal to become an innovative winery. Its founder is a big wine connoisseur has fulfilled his dream by establishing this winery. His love of wine grew from a lifelong hobby into an ambitious winery project.  

We believe that wine from Bohemia has a great future,  and the region surrounding the Radobyl Hill has the biggest potential for creating wines of superb quality.  We are creating the regions’ modern wine history in order to share our unique and delicious wines with the rest of the world. 

We make high quality dry wines. Our wine tastes exactly how wine from this region should taste like. We are proud of the pure taste of our wines. We let our wines ferment all the way until they are nicely dry which gives them a great potential to be used in gastronomy. The pure taste of our wine is unique and lets its elegance stand out.  

Beyond its functionality, the main currently constructed winery building is going to be an architectural gem. The quality of wine goes hand in hand with an elegant shaped bottle, modern label and the unique Vino-lok glass stopper.  Vino-lok is currently the best way how to save wine from air penetration. The glass wine stopper with the winery logo matches the color of our wines: White wines have a clear glass stopper while our rose has a pink one. The exception is our red wine which is sealed with a cork. 

In our portfolio you can find white, rose and red wines. 

White wines: Pinot Blanc, Rhine Riesling 

Rose wines: Medard (unique blend of Neronet, Neuburg and Mopr) 

Red wine: Fratava (descendant of Cabernet Franc and St. Laurent’s grapes) 

The vineyards have been in the Litomerice region since the early ages. Local vineyards were established in 1057 and are part of the oldest winegrowing region in the country.  The King Karel IV significantly helped to develop the local vineyards by donating the Radobyl Hill to the locals for the specific purpose of growing grapes and making wine.  Also a famous Czech poet, Karel Hynek Macha, is connected with the Radobyl Hill. He used the view from the top of the hill as an inspiration for his poems. We are inspired by this region to present the best Czech wine.