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    Viniční trať "NA VINICI"
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    naše oblíbená odrůda FRATAVA
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    Viniční trať "POD RADOBÝLEM"
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    Vinohrad v perfektní kondici
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    Kaplička sv. Štěpána nad vinohradem

Our vineyards are located on the slopes of the dominant Radobyl Hill in the middle of picturesque  Ceske Stredohori, and also in the surrounding villages of Zalhostice, Michalovice and Velke Zernoseky.  

Vineyards have ideal conditions resulting in outstanding quality grapes. Unique soil structure (earthy and clay soil), suitable bedrock (mar lite, basalt), slope situation with abundance of sunshine (south and west oriented), ideal altitude (southern slope 190-280 meters above sea level, western slope 170-265 meters above sea level) – all this results into the best conditions of winegrowing. The closeness of the river Labe adds a beautiful panorama.  

The most up-to-date agricultural equipment, in combination with careful handwork, is used to take exceptional care of the grapes during the entire winewgrowing process. The hand-harvest is performed carefully so as not to destroy the plants.  The first harvest took place in 2013. 

Our winery owns about 33 hectares of land around the Radobyl Hill. At this moment we use 12 hectares as fully planted vineyards where the following grapes grow: Rhine Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Mopr (descendant of Muskat Ottonel and Prachttraube grapes), Muscat Yellow, Gewurztraminer, Fratava (descendant of Cabernet Franc and St. Laurent’s grapes), Pinot Noir. 

Wine track “Pod Radobylem”: size 1,55 ha, locality Zalhostice, grapes: Fratava - 0,7 ha, Pinot Noir - 0,85ha, planted in 2014 

Wine track “ Nad Skolou”: size 0,77 ha, locality Zalhostice, grapes: Mopr, planted in 2014 

Wine track “ Tresnovka”: size 0,67 ha, locality Velke Zernoseky, grapes: Pinot Blanc, planted in 1983 

Wine track “Na Vinici”: size 1 ha, locality Michalovice, grapes: Rhine Riesling, planted in 1983 

Wine track “Na Vinici”: size 0,3 ha, locality Michalovice, grapes: Neuburg, Mopr, Neronet, planted in 1983 

In spring 2016 a ? of new vineyards took place at the western slope of the Radobyl Hill on the area of 7 hectares. The following grapes are grown here: white grapes (Pinot Gris, Muscat Yellow, Rhine Riesling, Gewurztraminer) and blue grapes (Pinot Noir, Fratava).

A unique winery building is being constructed  in the part of the wine track “Pod Radobylem” and will be surrounded by wines. The structure will be equipped with only the highest quality technologies.  

Our goal is to grow wine in places that have been proven for centuries. Wine has always been part of this region, but the vineyards were abolished for a long period of time in the modern history.  The winery owns additional 21 ha of land that were used for winegrowing in the past. We plan to clear these places of trees and prepare the soil for new planting of wine.  These mentioned works will be especially difficult to make on the western slope of the Radobyl Hill, because this part is completely overgrown with various bushes, elder trees, wild roses and plums.  This is an important project, and will help to renew the natural wealth of the Porta Bohemica region. We were able to renew 2,5 ha of vineyards in 2014. Another 0,3 ha of vineyards were added in 2015 and about 7 ha of new vineyards in 2016. Our ambition is to renew all of these overgrown lands into modern vineyards that will be used for growing white and blue grapes.