Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions are valid for internet orders at www.vinarstvipodradobylem.cz and specify rights and obligations between the seller (Vinarstvi pod Radobylem s. r. o., Karoliny Svetle 2604, 41501 Teplice) and the buyer (customer).  All legal procedures are conducted under the law of the Czech Republic.


• Ordering means placing an order via www.vinarstvipodradobylem.cz or email obchod@vinarstvipodradobylem.cz. 

• The order must contain the following information: name of goods, quantity (must be a multiple of 6), way of payment, way of delivery, shipping and billing addresses (in case that they are different), buyers´ contact information (name, address, telephone, email)

• The submitted order is binding and the buyer confirms that he agrees with these terms and conditions.

• The amount of bottles in each order has to be a multiple of 6.


• The seller has the right to change prices without prior notice. The internet prices are valid when the order is placed. After the order is confirmed the price does not change.


• The goods in stock should be shipped within 3 business days after accepting the order (in case of COD) or after the amount is deposited to our account (in case of bank transfer). If the ordered goods is not in stock, the buyer will be informed promptly.

• The way of delivery and address are determined by the buyers´ order. The order is fulfilled by the delivery to the address stated by the buyer. The seller arranges the transportation. The shipment always includes the invoice.

• The buyer is obligated to check the goods when received. If the package is damaged, the buyer has to claim the damage right away with the delivery company – in such case the responsibility falls on the transportation company.


We use the shipping company Toptrans for our deliveries. Toptrans delivers the goods to the address that was provided by the buyer. The buyer is responsible for the payment of delivery.

Delivery prices in the Czech Republic:

• 6 bottles – delivery CZK 170 

• 12-18 bottles – delivery CZK 250 

• 24 bottles – delivery CZK 400

• 30 bottles and more – free delivery

• Surcharge for COD is CZK 50

Personal pick up: The buyer can also choose a personal pick up at the address: Karoliny Svetle 2604, 415 01 Teplice


• Cash (COD)

• Cash (personal pick up)

• Bank transfer – The invoice is generated with the email order confirmation. The invoice information is used for the bank transfer (order number is used as a payment reference number). After the amount is received, the goods is ready to be dispatched.


Order cancellation by the buyer:  The buyer can cancel the order before the goods have been shipped at no cost.

Order cancellation by the seller: The seller reserves the right to cancel the order or its part in case that the goods are not available. In such case the seller will contact the buyer as soon as possible to determine how to proceed.