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Author of the project: Ing. Arch. Petr Sedlacek, MISE s. r. o., 

Wine is not just delicious contents inside a bottle. Wine is a story. It's a fairytale about a piece of soil, from which a human, thanks to his wisdom, heart and primarily hard work, can get red, white or rose wine.  The house where a wine is being born from grapes is a stage set for this story. You can make a good wine in a garage, but if the story should be complete and wine excellent, then the winery should be a home of wine.  The Radobyl Hill creates a significant scenery. Our winery situated at the foothill of the mighty slope uses a traditional and proven gravitational way of production. 

Construction of a rectangular shape is situated with its significantly longer side along the side of the contour line of the slope of the hill. The structure is a two story building. The building is functionally divided into the production section and visitors section, and this functional division is copied into inner part. Roof construction has two orientations of its slopes based on a function and section that it protects.  The shape of the building submits to the idea of the harmonic inclusion to the terrain and its surroundings. It is not a factory. It is not an agricultural hall. It is a winery.  The architect shares with winemaker not only his love of wine, but also his fondness of clean lines and modern design. Our wish to the wine that will be born here is to have a feeling that the place where it comes from was a good home.  

Our goal was to create a unique winery project in today's architecture. We have created a space where the complex wine production process takes place. At the same time, the winery is a place with beautiful views of growing grapes and surrounding landscape. All this creates an unrepeatable atmosphere that you will want to enjoy over and over. 

The winery building is already in the process of being constructed. We will be happy to welcome you there soon - in autumn 2016.