About us

We are big wine lovers and strive to make the best wine produced in the Bohemian part of the Czech Republic.  

We decided to follow the historical heritage of the Radobyl Hill, located in the heart of Ceske Stredohori , where wine has grown for centuries and is experiencing a rebirth in the Region.  We are proud to help write a new chapter of the Litomerice winegrowing region – around Velke Zernoseky in the part called Porta Bohemica. 

The Radobyl Hill creates a significant natural scenery that is an ideal setting for a story of wine.  The Radobyl surrounding is a perfect place for winegrowing because of its unique soil and hillsides full of sunshine. 

Experience our Bohemian wine in its whole beauty and discover the secret of its pure taste. 


11. 06. 2019

Nabídka vín

01. 02. 2019

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